Frequently Asked Questions/Snape Diary

Hello! Here you will find answers to questions that fans have asked us more than a few times. I hope they help!


Who are you?

We are filmmakers! We love Harry Potter! We made  and we got way more success than we thought we would. We asked the fans what they wanted to see and the answer was overwhelmingly “Marauders.” Since a Marauders story can’t be told without Snape, and the director’s second favorite character is Snape, we went with “Severus Snape and the Marauders”

When does this take place?

1978, just after Snape, Lily and The Marauders graduated Hogwarts.

Why did Voldemort look like that? I thought he was supposed to look human?

Here’s what we know for a fact. We know that ten years after Tom Riddle graduated from Hogwarts, he experimented in all manner of dark magic, and produced anywhere from 3 to 5 Horcruxes. When he met with Dumbledore to apply for the defense against the dark arts teaching position, he was described as not yet snake-like or with a mask-like face, but he did have dsifigured, burned skin that was also described as pasty, and as pale as the snow on his cloak. He also had permanently bloody eyes. That meeting took place 24 years before our film took place. So he’s been continuing to work with dark magic, and created up to 2 more Horcruxes. While there are no definitive facts on his appearance at the time of his destruction, we do know he was scary looking enough to scare a kid on Halloween, and when he was resurrected, there wasn’t a single death eater who noted his appearance to be different. Also when he was on the back of Quirrel’s head, he did have a flat, snake-like nose and red eyes. So it’s fair to say that he looked pretty close to the way he was when he was resurrected in ‘The Goblet of Fire’.

Also, we wanted to make sure that his appearance would be recognized by anyone who hadn’t read the books.



Did Warner Bros contact you and shut down the film?

The did contact us. They did not shut down the film. They just asked us not to raise any more money. The movie will still release. The Kickstarter page makes it look that way but we are still on board and under Warner Bros good graces 🙂

What camera did you shoot the film on?

Two cameras. The RED Epic and the RED Dragon.

The music is amazing! Where can I hear it?


Why is James Potter’s hair not messy?

(sigh)…Okay. I auditioned several people for James and even had a note in the audition that said “messy hair a plus” but Garrett Schweighauser personified James so well and had such amazing chemistry with the rest of the cast, that I couldn’t not cast him. He was charming. He was intimidating. He exuded loyalty. He screamed arrogance. He looks like an athlete. He freaking looks like Daniel Radcliffe, save for the eyes 😉 We tried to mess up his hair. We really did. But it just came out that his hair looked messy with gel. Garrett captures James’ spirit and character so well that we think you can look past it. But we do make a nod to the hair as well. So there 🙂

EDIT: J.K. Rowling just gave us a canon reason! James’ father made a potion that was used to straighten unruly hair! So since our film is about the characters maturing into adults, he decided to start using his father’s potion! THANKS, JO!

Will there be more? WE WANT MORE!

OMG yes we hear you. The tough truth is that we can no longer raise money to make more films, per our agreement with Warner Bros. but that doesn’t mean we can’t make any content at all! We are working on new stories and how to present them. Stay tuned!