What’s up Potterheads! How you feeling going back to school? Or, work, or y’know, daily things you do.

Just a quick update, we are steadily moving toward our goal of FINISHING this crazy film. It’s taking a while, but we’re moving forward. Goal is still to release by the end of the year, or very soon after 🙂

We had our very first panel! Nerd-Con 2015 in Escondido, CA was gracious enough to invite us to hang out in their awesome first convention! We had a big crowd and got a great reaction! We also taped it! Check it out below!

We had an awesome time and can’t be thankful enough to the folks at Nerd-Con and the fans who were so fun and inviting and happy to hang with us!

Other than that, got a meeting with the music composer Alex Arntzen tomorrow, working on getting ADR for a few lines with each actor, and the slow slog of visual effects. But we’re making progress! We swear!

We are also making progress on the perks! We are about to send out the perks that included potions from Snape’s private stores! Soon after is wands, t-shirts and the rest 🙂

Keep an eye on the page for more regular updates. We recently debuted this gorgeous poster by Janie Walter and Liana Minassian, and will debut their accompanying posters at the weeks go along 🙂 Thanks so much for keeping in touch, and we look forward to showing more!





















-The Broad Strokes Team