Snape’s Diary – Real Life Hogwarts and Trailer Coming Soon! – 11-23-15

Hiii everybody!

Hope everyone has a bountiful and thankful thanksgiving this week! What a crazy November it has been for us!

Lets start with the score. We just finished recording the final instruments, but Alex Arntzen our composer managed something amazing last week. In Budapest, Hungary, 65 musicians of string, brass and percussion came together to produce “The Storm Arrives”, a 2 and a half minute song that will play when the credits roll for the film!

A full, professional orchestra played music for Snape & the Marauders!!!

Snape Marauders OrchestraNext, conventions! We had three conventions so far just off our little teaser trailer! We’re having a blast sharing what we can with you guys, and can’t wait to show more! If you would like to check out one of the panels, here is the cast and director at Comikaze!

Next, wanted to show you a little bit of progress on the visual effects side. We are about 25% done with visual effects, and we are prioritizing the shots that are getting into the next trailer. We are pretty sure that the film will now release early next year, as the VFX are just a little too ambitious and we need more time to get it done right. We have an internal release date for the film but we have a definite release date for the trailer! Tuesday, December 8th. The trailer will have an official release date for the film, but we have something special for our backers, and anyone who lives in London…

Mick Ignis, our Snape, was invited to Oxford University, Magdalen Grove Auditorium, London UK, December 4th to present the trailer along with behind the scenes footage for a very special Harry Potter celebration! The presentation is already sold out but Mick will be around the whole week talking to fans and will have a copy of the trailer on his mobile device. As for the backers, we will put up both the trailer and the behind the scenes video up on a private link on the same day for a limited time, as a big thank you to you guys 🙂 But only four days after, everyone gets to see the final trailer!!!

Oh yeah preview on visual effects. To finish up this update, The below matte painting is 99% complete. We are replacing the lamp light with fire lamps to stay consistent with the wizarding world, otherwise it’s pretty much done.

Marauders_Exterior Bar Matte Paint_BM01


Not bad, right? BTW, our artist did this part time. Below is what he made for his full time gig.


-Justin Zagri – Writer/Director


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