Hello Potterheads!

Just a quick update on where we are at for the film.

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Firstly, if you live in Orange County or near San Diego, you should come visit us at this year’s NerdCon! Saturday August 22nd at 3pm, we will have our own panel, and will be screening exclusive footage just for the con! Check it out here!








We have been diligent with the final aspects of making the film, which takes the longest time to do. I had a meeting with Jordan King where we did our first ADR session with Mick Ignis (Snape) and will move on to Garrett Schweighauser (James) and Kevin Allen (Sirius) next week.

I had a meeting with Alexander Arntzen who has scored my last 5 films including Greater Good, and we are about 75% done with the score. It’s so exciting to hear the music of this film. As you know, a third of the film is an epic duel and Alex has done so well toward it. Even more exciting, we are going to record as many real instruments as possible to breathe even more life into it!

Visual effects are chugging along slowly but surely. Since we can’t fundraise anymore, we have to go out of pocket which simply means it takes more time. But we do have a donate button if you are feeling generous…we really appreciate all the people that have helped us along so far. We still think we are on the right track for the end of the year, but the VFX are very important to the quality of the film. So we’d rather get it done right than quick.








Finally, we are ordering stuff for the rest of the perks this week. We really appreciate your patience in how long it’s taking. We will not rest until everyone’s perks are fulfilled!

Thanks again everyone for your amazing support. We can’t wait to show you this film 🙂

-Justin Zagri, Director