I am terrible. It’s easy to keep up with a facebook account but…I won’t make excuses. Promise to update much more regularly. So since the last update, a LOT has happened. First, there’s this beauty.







Thanks to the amazing Liana Minassian for the photos and Janie Walter for the poster design. This is the first of several posters that are coming out.

Secondly, the first tier of perks have FINALLY shipped! Donors who pledged $25 are getting their posters and Hogwarts letters. We have received some great feedback so far and we hope you enjoy your letter when it arrives!

Third, the filmmakers are already part of TWO conventions this summer, the first being NerdCon which will take place August 22nd and feature a panel just for “Severus Snape and the Marauders”. More details coming soon! The second will be…wait for it…












Yes. Freaking. COMIC-CON. The director Justin Zagri will be speaking along with a panel of his peers to discuss Harry Potter fandom, entitled “Fantastic Fans and Where to Find Them”. The panel will be Sunday, July 12th at 10:30am for those who will be attending Comic-Con. At Comic-Con a tiny bit of footage will be shown, and the first teaser trailer will be released soon after. Official date TBA 😉

At NerdCon we will be showing off the teaser trailer and some exclusive footage not seen anywhere else until the film’s premiere! We hope you can make it!

Visual effects are chugging along slowly but surely. The combined talents of Jake Akuna, Amy Carpetner, Julian Rodriguez and Tyler Adams are all contributing. It’s a slow process but it will be well worth it.

Finally, I had a meeting recently with my music composer Alexander to listen to the latest pass of the score. He is about halfway done, and guys…ladies…lets just say we had to re-wire our jaws cause they fell off. It is absolutely brilliant. We can’t wait to have you guys hear it.

That’s it for now. I promise to update more regularly. PROMISE. Ugh sorry guys 😛

-The Broad Strokes Team