Hello again!

Still figuring out the blog part of this thing. But it’s easier to hit social media with it, so going to try to post so it shows up in the diary section.

Got a big chunk of editing done today. In fact, I finished the fight! It actually runs faster than I thought it would. The editing also needs some serious…what’s the word, fenageling? How does one spell that word? Anyways, it needs to be smoothed out. But I don’t start re-editing until I finish a rough, at which point I will re-edit and then show to a few trusted advisors, re-edit again, show it again, make some final touches, and then lock it up 🙂 It’s a long process, but its the most satisfying part of making the film for me. Sure there’s magic (wink) on a set but I’m the type to go in with everything planned and little room for error. Discoveries are rare on set for me. The real discoveries come in the editing room. Like when Mick (Snape) has a smirk on his face during a performance because one of the actors cracked a joke before I called action. It worked perfectly for a certain moment. Or the surprisingly large amount of bloopers. Again because I prep so much, those are rare for me. Not to say these guys kept messing up, they were all amazing. But they were also just as giddy as the next fan to be doing this.

Next is the…aftermath of said fight. No spoilers but its when things get really dramatic. Everything hits its peak for our characters. I’ll be working on that tomorrow, and then will start arranging meetings with music and sound 😉